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Chatham 1000

Chatham 1000

Introducing our Chatham , equipped with 1000 individual pocket springs that have been designed to provide your body with exceptional pressure-relieving support. Each pocket spring works independently to contour to your body’s unique shape, ensuring maximum comfort and minimizing any disturbances caused by movement during the night.

To enhance the durability and support of the mattress, we have incorporated foam encapsulation technology. This innovative feature surrounds the pocket springs, providing better edge support, thereby preventing sagging and ensuring a stable sleeping surface from edge to edge.

For added luxury and a touch of elegance, our mattress is tufted, which helps to secure the fillings in place and ensures consistent support over time. The tufting process involves carefully stitching the layers of the mattress together, preventing any shifting or bunching of materials, resulting in a more comfortable and longer-lasting sleep experience.

Additionally, our mattress is fully turnable, meaning that it can be flipped and rotated regularly to evenly distribute the wear and tear and extend the lifespan of the product. This unique feature allows you to maintain the comfort and support you expect from your mattress for an extended period.

Enjoy the ultimate sleeping experience with our 1000 individual pocket springs, foam encapsulation for excellent edge support, tufting for enhanced durability, and the convenience of a fully turnable design. Invest in the quality and comfort you deserve with our Chatham mattress.

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