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Liberty 2000

Liberty 2000

Introducing The Natural Pocket Collection, Liberty 2000 Pocket. This luxurious bed combines natural comfort with innovative features to provide you with the best sleep experience.

The Liberty 2000 Pocket bed offers a luxurious and comfortable surface with its micro-quilted Belgian damask cover and sumptuous natural fillings. Crafted with a blend of wool, silk, cashmere, and cotton, this mattress ensures exceptional surface comfort like no other.

But comfort is not the only focus of this bed. It features Highgrove’s advanced 2000 Pocket Spring System, which provides optimal support to your entire body, ensuring correct spinal alignment and improving overall sleep quality. Say goodbye to waking up with aches and pains.

What sets the Liberty 2000 Pocket apart is its innovative DynamicEdge Active Side Support. This feature adjusts to your body pressure, maximizing the sleep surface and preventing any uncomfortable “roll-off” moments. You can sleep peacefully, knowing that your bed is supporting you in all the right places.

Additionally, this bed is designed for longevity. You have the flexibility to sleep on both sides of the mattress, which not only extends its lifespan but also enhances its performance. Just remember to turn it regularly for the best results.

The Liberty 2000 Pocket bed is endorsed by the National Bed Federation, a testament to its quality and durability. Experience the luxury and comfort that this bed has to offer with its outstanding natural fillings, advanced pocket spring system, and active side support. Transform your sleeping experience today.

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